This is left

A flag from some long forgotten country



A Camera

Capturing an image of a disappearing flower desperate to bloom


A Cloud

Carrying too much water to carry life itself


A Stain

On a sidewalk outlined in chalk



Love Pulling

Toward the outer bounds known as up
heaviness letting go, against heaviness itself


Oh to be there at the end of time



A Root

Reaching for connection, against connection itself


A Child

Being passed hand to hand
lifted from harm, against harm itself



Love Pulling

A far away voice in urgent whisper
growing louder, more insistent, again insistence itself



This is left

An absence similar to lift lost in the dark



A Terrorism

Made of the unseen like wind passing



A Wave

That gives way to morning
opening into a darkness against darkness itself



A Cause

Being defined as purpose to push apart
the visible as reason against reason itself



A Broken Stick

Marking the path from a tree to last step
taken without certainty against certainty itself



A Piece of glass

Being crushed in the wide open house
of mirrors hiding reflection from reflection itself


A Hat

That has given up on being worn


Love Pulling

The meaning from existence from extinction
so near the cliff of time against time itself