This is left

The kindness of waiting in bed


A Gap

That fills with the creativity of not wanting


A Connection

So far beyond words that only vibration is felt, feeling itself



A Completion

From the other side of the other half, other itself



Love Pulling

you back for the brink of elimination

into a resonance shinning in first light, light itself



Oh for how many days how many years you have waited beyond pain beyond this world, this world against itself



A Lilly Pad

Struggling against a rising tide

in a stream of hope, hoping against itself


A Cattail

Stalking a new day waiting for sun

in the darkness of the sun singing, singing against itself


A Motor

of an outdoor boat roaring quietly

in the gentle rocking of feeling, feeling itself



Love Pulling

These words from you to you

as clear as a cloud breaking, breaking itself

This is left

A Blue Box in the sand waiting




A Rush

of waters turning into fire

growing at the outskirts of lasting, lasting itself



A Creed

pledged in stone at the bottom of a tree

demanding a liberation in glass, glass against itself



A Wing

of the last bird floating on a current

silently waving goodbye, goodbye itself



A Lineup

like arranging scattered feelings in the dark

without eyes to see nor heart to heal, healing itself



A Stalking

but not with malice defying hope

with each bite taken in vapor, vapor against itself



A Marching

ordained from the start slanting

into a perfection at zero, zero itself




Love Pulling

in the reflection of a forward gaze

perfectly fulfilling a gap before the gap opens, openness itself