This is left

An old man sitting on a bench

  A Cane

Supporting the sun which will not support us

  A Broken World

In full repair

  A Race

Time itself, against time

  Love Pulling

Us to ourselves to see the waters rising, against water itself

  Oh how you have tried, so hard, so tired   A Tide of Trends

Documenting ourselves, against documenting itself

  A Key

Which opens something so far lost replaced by a code replacing itself

  A Perpetual State

Of just about to collapse as collapse fights desperately against itself

  Love Pulling

A female voice from far away becoming clearer, stronger, against silence itself

This is left

A half-forgotten story and have remembered songs

    A Music

Made of the silence found between notes of time vibrating and marking a moment itself

  A Making

That is each now, that ever was ever will be you in constant construction, against construction itself

  A Woman hugging a child

On the grass in a daisy strewn park watching a boat taking water, taking time itself

  A Swinging door

On a rusted hinge shrieking open and closed outside and in, inside and out, interchangeability itself

  A Balloon

Half floating in dirty air drifting defying accepted truths like gravity, against gravity itself

  A Shore

Defined by the sea which has become a wall invisible and real, a single wave against singularity itself

    Love Pulling

The separation together stitching the fabric of want into the whole from which we became, against becoming itself