This is left

A shoe soul down on uneven pavement


A Pregnant Women

Sitting opposite a window carrying silver


A Flashing Light

Clearing a space of color and purpose


A Watch

Worn between times accumulating, against accumulation


Love Pulling

The ceiling into an opening from which you can look out


Oh you have strained so hard to see this last seeing


A Roof

Glittering in twilight or is it sunrise

where light catches just the right way, against catching itself


A Crane

Set up in the distance looming wearier

with each sound passing slipping against slipping itself


A Floor

From which you lean into the future

holding the seam wide open disappearing into the seam itself


Love Pulling

Being felt as a subtle vibration

a gentle turbulence mounting, against mounting itself

This is left

A lonely seed in a far away vault



A Snow Covered Mountain

Melting before our eyes in the eclipse of reason

as reason loses its own race, reasoning against itself



A Logic

Spoken in absolute disbelief of logic

speaking deafly in defiance against defiance itself



A Can

Wooden-sided and green grasping

that what is forgotten piling still, against forgetting itself



A Floating Shirt

Shifting in an unseen breeze

emptying the air from the air itself



A Memory

In constant re-creation in an imagined space

from where it never was as now, against now itself



Love Pulling

From the unimaginable dark

where darkness reveals light against darkness itself