This is left

A street emptied of purpose


A Dock

Stranded in the waiting for ships that will never come


A Train

Lost on a track of hurrying time


A Tunnel

Into which you run swallowing light, against light


Love Pulling

From the other side of reason

motioning you to follow against motion itself


Oh how you can feel it from somewhere just below sense pulling



A Bird

Walking past benches searching

flight or rhythm, rhythm against itself


A Steel Cover

Hiding contents from spilling

into the wide open expanse of collapse, against collapse itself


A Leather Strap

Holding back the breaking

unfolding into unfolding itself


Love Pulling

This moment into a future now

already contained in the past, against past itself


This is left

A spoon stranded in the bends of time


A Leaf

Floating from free fall upwards

against seasons as seasons themselves


A Ditch

Stumbled upon in the search

channeling rain and ice against channeling itself


A Dome

Rising from unseen forces forcing

a tower to shrink back, shrinking against itself


A Chimney

Choking in its own ash strewn

in the midst of memory, memory against itself


A Stem

Straining to get through its silence

signaling time’s hope abandoned, abandoned against itself


A Newspaper

Carelessly tossed in the folds of silver

where elements combine against combining itself


A Coin

Whose head is no longer remembered

celebrating a victory which is a loss against losing itself


Love Pulling

This way and that opening into

the pull of the fold of the vibration of love itself