Welcome to the Last Days on Earth site. A safe place for all of us to share and discuss, with poetry opening and holding a welcoming space for conversations.

The ambition of this site is to foster human connection, sharing, compassion, and to offer a calm and reflective place from the noise.

This is needed now more than ever!

Two pages of the fifty-two pages comprising the full text will be released online every two weeks during 2017 (to keep the conversations going!), and thus completed by the last day of the year.

The title, Last Days on Earth, does not mean that we are finished! It means that our old ways are being replaced by what is emerging as “New Love”. It is very positive and hopeful.

The ‘sections’ of the text are meant as space for meditative reflection. You can read a few lines at a time, and have the space to reflect and feel what they ‘mean’ and how they resonate in you, and share what arises.

Three ways to comment: Highlight any section of the text itself (you can also share to FB and Twitter here), in the comment section at the bottom of each individual page, or by clicking on the discussion button to take you the general discussion page.

Poetry to me has always been a gift. I can really never take full ownership over the works that have come, and this one is no exception. During the writing process, it became clear that this worked called for a different and more inclusive form of distribution. Thus, it is offered to you for whatever you would want to offer in return, including nothing more than your time and attention. Your offerings, in addition to supporting future work, will be used to create community poetry and artistic events. Thank you!

And for those of you who would want a physical copy of the book, a printed version will be available from Dusie Press in the Fall. You can pre-order here: